Homework 3/27/18

posted Mar 27, 2018, 12:57 PM by Victoria Slossar
Social StudiesChapter 5 Test = Tomorrow

Chapter 5 Review (pg. 130 Part 2)

Thinking About Facts:

  1. They wanted the colonists to help pay for the costs of the war.

  2. Patriots wanted independence; Loyalists stayed faithful to Great Britain.

  3. They thought it was unfair to be taxed by a government in which they had no representatives, and it made them angry.

  4. Greenwich

  5. Unfair tax laws and disregard of the rights of the colonists as British citizens.

  6. Its location between New England and the southern colonies made it strategically important, and both armies marched, camped, and fought there often.

  7. They restored Americans’ confidence in the Continental Army and the Patriot cause.

  8. The winter was cold with much snow.  The Continental Congress ran out of money.  Soldiers had no money for food and spirits were low.

  9. The states disagreed on the tax New York was placing on New Jersey goods that were shipped through New York.

  10. The New Jersey Plan insured equal representation for states with smaller populations.