Homework 12/6/17

posted Dec 6, 2017, 6:33 AM by Victoria Slossar
Social StudiesChapter 3 Test = Friday (Study your class notes, your vocabulary definitions, the Chapter 3 Review, and reread Chapter 3.)

Chapter 3 Review (pg. 74)

  1. oral tradition

  2. prehistory

  3. ancestor

  4. archaeologist

  5. hunter-gatherer

  6. manetu

  7. artifact

  8. longhouse

  9. heritage

  10. sakima

  1. The Bering Strait is a body of water that separates North America + Asia. Beringia was a land bridge that connected North America + Asia during the Ice Age.  It is now covered by the water of the Bering Strait.

  2. About 12,000 yrs. ago; across Beringia

  3. They hunted big animals like mastodons + caribou for meat, and they gathered fruits, nuts, and fish as well.

  4. By about 1,000 yrs. ago.

  5. The Munsee + the Unami.

  6. Girls helped women with cooking + caring for younger children. Boys learned to hunt + fish.

  7. A ceremony in which the Lenape gave thanks to the Creator, the most important manetu.

  8. By working with their parents + listening to the stories of older members of their group.

  9. Corn

  10. Men + women met in the longhouse to discuss important matters.