Homework 11/16/17

posted Nov 16, 2017, 1:16 PM by Victoria Slossar
Social Studies: Chapter 2 Test = Tomorrow (Study your class notes, the Chapter 2 Review, and reread Chapter 2.)

Chapter 2 Review (pg. 48)
1. C.
2. C.
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5. C. 
6. rain shadow
7. conservation
8. C.
9. bayou
10. C. 

1. Mountains, plains, hills
2. Landforms, bodies of water, climate
3. The Central Plains, where corn is grown, are low with gently rolling hills.  The Great Plains are mostly dry grassland with few trees; wheat is the major crop.
4. The number of people in a region makes up its population in both urban and rural areas.  Different groups of people with different cultures also shape a region.
5. Atlantic Coastal Plain, Piedmont, Ridge & Valley, + Highlands
6. In earlier times, people didn’t live there because the land was not good for farming, but when people were able to commute to work, they began living in this beautiful, rugged region.
7. Ridge and Valley
8. They cut down forests for wood, use soil to grow crops, + get drinking water from lakes and rivers.  People feed their families, build their homes, + earn their livings from natural resources.
9. Atlantic Coastal Plain
10. Newspapers, paper, glass, plastics, + aluminum & steel cans