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Homework-Week of 1/8/18

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Good Morning, 
Please take a moment to review our class page, I have uploaded important information from Ms. Koval and the Archdiocese regarding class work to be done at home during the school's closure due to the flood. If you have any questions, please feel free to email m

Below is a check your progress for the sections in CH 4 that we have covered, as well as a worksheet on multiplication and some word problems!

Chapter 4, Lesson 4-3

There are 5 cars, 6 bicycles, 3 tricycles, and 1 unicycle in a parking lot. How many wheels are there in all?

Chapter 4, Lesson 4-5

Each passenger car in a train can hold 96 people. If a train has 9 passenger cars, how many people can it hold?

Chapter 4, Lesson 4-7

This staircase has 4 steps. How many blocks would you need to build a staircase with 7 steps?

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